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Better Than Therapy: How Female Friendships Are Your Lifelong Support System!

There are a couple of things in life that are pretty much guaranteed!

  1. Life’s journey never goes according to plan (who’s plan is it anyway?)
  2. The path we walk is never linear
  3. Expect the unexpected: curve balls, sideswipes, home runs, and knocks outs
  4. Sometimes we’ll be bursting with happiness we can’t contain it
  5. Other times, we’ll feel the depths of sadness and can’t help but feel uncontrollably sad

No matter if we’re on the steep climb up or the wild freefall down, one thing keeps us strapped in and steady: our treasured friendships and the amazing women who share the ride. That’s why deepening our bonds and weaving friendships is like a secret superpower, giving us the strength and resilience to tackle what comes our way.

Female friendships far exceed emotional support. They’re not just our emotional cheerleaders. Studies, COVID, and anyone with a tight-knit group of friends can attest to the fact that having strong social bonds can be a total game-changer for our health and well-being. These friendships can even help us live longer! By sharing our ups and downs, we gain a fresh perspective on life which can assist us to navigate the journey with a positive outlook.

Our ride-or-die amigos can be our guiding lights on the journey towards our goals. Whether we’re blazing a new career trail, bidding a big fat farewell to our current job, or embarking into the world of entrepreneurship, our friends can be our number one supporters. They’ll pump us up when we need it and keep us on track with their unwavering support. And when we need to vent, they’ll listen to your story (even when we have told it more than 10 times)! With loyal friends by our side, it has the power to give us the extra strength to accomplish anything we set our minds to.

Of course, like any relationship, there are ups and downs as part of any long-term friendship – it’s not all cupcakes and lattes! Not dissimilar to any other relationship – our friendships will be challenging at times. But even during the tough moments, there is always time for growth and reflection. Working through the challenges with our friendship is like a training ground for the real world and an opportunity to deepen our understanding of ourselves and our friends. Even after decades of friendship, there is always more to learn, not only about their triggers and quirks, in the process – we get to uncover layers of ourselves.

Sometimes being with your best friend is all the therapy you need.” – Anonymous.

Life can sometimes feel isolating when we internalize our experiences. Having a group of friends to share in our joys and sorrows can make all the difference. Whether it’s a single bestie or a tight-knit tribe, a supportive network can help us navigate the ups and downs. Embrace the celebrations of life’s milestones and be a trusted confidant when times get tough. We all need at least 1 person in our life who will lift us up and remind us of our inherent value.

Here at WingWoman Tribe, we’re all about cultivating friendships that stand the test of time and creating a community of supportive friendships. We’re on a mission to unveil the perks of building deep connections and equip you with the tools to grow and sustain meaningful relationships. We also get it! Finding your tribe can be tough, but guess what? There are tons of remarkable women who are also searching for their ride-or-die crew. All it takes is one brave step to pave the way for an enduring and uplifting bond.

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A brilliant brunette, effortlessly juggling a plate of crispy fries in one hand while gracefully dancing to the rhythm of life with a glass of fine wine in the other.  I’m the ultimate dopamine hunter, always on the lookout for thrilling new experiences.

I have worn many hats – a professional Dating Coach responsible for countless love stories, a seasoned General Manager, and the mastermind behind multiple events departments. I’ve successfully orchestrated over 500 events, each one a unique tapestry of connection and celebration. From conferences, and elegant soirées to heart-warming gatherings, each with its own unique story.  I am the successful author of a book called ’52 Stories of Kindness’ with more than 500 copies sold.

All these fabulous experiences showed me the power of true connections and acts of kindness. They inspired me to create a space where women can uplift, support, and empower one another. WingWomanTribe – the home for women to find friends, connect and grow with a tribe where they feel fully supported. #liveyourwishlist

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