when you hit a crossroads in life

When You Hit a Cross Roads In life – and need to work out whats next!

If you haven’t woken up at some point and thought to yourself ‘what the fuck’ how did I get here? I can assure you the moment is coming.

EVERY woman has a moment in their life when this occurs. For some lucky ones, it happens a couple of times throughout a lifetime!

It’s the pivotal point in our lives when we start to question our choices. Were they the right choices? What would have happened if I chose the other job | husband | house | car (insert the relevant scenario) and the alternative was the right one for me? It may not even be a question of did I chose correctly, it maybe the reality of life creeping in and it doesn’t look like the grand plan you had imagined. No matter when you hit your ‘crossroads’ moment – it can make us question our whole life and throw the future into a serious case of doubt.

If you like many have hit that cross-roads moment – are questioning WTF is next or just need some insights on the way forward, come along to our event and meet others, hear their story and take away key tips from our guest speakers that can guide you on what’s next.

Take the first step here: and find an event that suits you: WingWoman Tribe Events

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A brilliant brunette, effortlessly juggling a plate of crispy fries in one hand while gracefully dancing to the rhythm of life with a glass of fine wine in the other.  I’m the ultimate dopamine hunter, always on the lookout for thrilling new experiences and the most vibrant restaurants and bars to indulge in culinary adventures.

In a past life, I wore many hats – a professional Dating Coach responsible for countless love stories, a seasoned General Manager, and the mastermind behind multiple events departments. I’ve successfully orchestrated over 500 events, each one a unique tapestry of connection and celebration. From conferences, and elegant soirées to heart-warming gatherings, every event had its own unique story.  I am the successful author of a book called ’52 Stories of Kindness’ with more than 500 books sold.

All these fabulous experiences showed me the power of true connections and acts of kindness. They inspired me to create a space where women can uplift, support, and empower one another. Now, the proud founder of WingWomanTribe – the home for women to find friends, connect and grow with a tribe where they feel fully supported. #liveyourwishlist

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