Join The Tribe …

By joining our membership, you’ll not only be added to the VIP list to be the 1st to find out about our events and experiences but also delve into a realm of exclusive privileges such as private invitations to high-end events (think penthouse dinner parties) all designed to enhance your journey and connecting you with women that are at a similar life stage!

Connect with other women and unlock a world of immense possibilities, where personal and professional growth converge with friendship and connection.

Why Become a Member?

As a member, you’ll receive a wealth of resources, networking opportunities, and tailored support from like-minded individuals. A platform designed to easily and effortlessly engage with other members. Together, we’ll nurture your ambitions, celebrate your successes, and create lifelong connections that will empower you every step of the way. Embrace the extraordinary possibilities that await when you become a valued member of our thriving community.

Who is Membership For?

It’s designed for those who want to delve deeper into the community. We recognize the non-linear nature of life, encompassing its ebbs and flows along with the twists and turns encountered along the way. Our community is dedicated to fostering a supportive environment for the crazy ride, facilitating meaningful connections, and hosting events that resonate with the diverse facets we all discover along the way.

What Type of Events & Experiences Do We Organise?

We curate events that cater to women in Melbourne, seeking to get the most out of life’s journey. As part of our membership, we offer exclusive events that offer high-end personalized experiences.

Our commitment is to the essential pillar that forms a well-rounded life. From rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul to fostering personal growth, professional success, and meaningful connections – we offer thoughtfully designed events and experiences that nurture your growth and help you LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!

Invite Only Dining Experiences

Tailored for women who appreciate the allure of a finely set table. Our membership is your invitation to Melbourne’s illustrious five-star dining scene. Curated Dining Circles: We carefully select members at a similar life stage for a private dining experience that’s as rich in conversation as it is in flavor. Each dinner is an event, orchestrated by our team to ensure an atmosphere where friendships bloom amidst the clinking of glasses.
👭 Bond Over Bites: These nights are more than meals; they’re where stories are shared, laughter echoes, and friendships are forged to last a lifetime.

Guest Speakers

We engage with thought leaders on real yet sometimes unconventional topics ✨ Engaging Dialogues: Dive into discussions that go beyond the surface, exploring the real, the raw, and the rarely spoken. 💡 ‘Me Too’ Moments: Discover shared experiences that resonate, inspire, and foster a sense of unity and enlightenment.
🎤 VIP Exclusivity: Your VIP membership is your all-access pass to the best seats in the house, ensuring you’re at the heart of every event.

Curated Experiences

Imagine sipping on a glass of champagne in a chic penthouse, the city skyline before you. Our curated experiences are designed for women who appreciate the finer things in life: ✨ Penthouse Cocktails: Imagine sipping on a glass of champagne in one of Melbourne’s penthouses, with the skyline before you mixed in with amazing friends. 🍇 Exclusive Winery Tours: Bespoke trips, tasting the best wines over lunch. Gourmet Lunches: hosted at premier spots
🥂 Bottomless Days: Indulge where the mimosas flow

Holidays and Adventure

Our focus is on luxury, leisure, and laughter, not exhausting itineraries or mandatory yoga at dawn. We craft escapes that beckon you to pack your bags with excitement.
 Five-Star Retreats: Unwind in the lap of luxury, where comfort meets elegance in every plush corner of your accommodation.🍸 Rooftop Revelries: Sip on cocktails under the stars, mingling with kindred spirits as the city lights dance below. 🍽️ Culinary Adventures: Savor the flavors of local cuisine, handpicked to delight your palate and enrich your travel tales.🛍️ Chic Shopping: Stroll through the coolest spots, where we’ve scouted the best-kept secrets for your shopping

Monthly Walking & Brunch

Our Montly walks are more than just exercise, they are the cornerstone of a growing network of friendship and support and an opportunity to discover our those and form lasting connections. Our walks are followed by Brunch in or around the Botanical Gardens.