WingWoman Tribe

Where Fun and Connection Collide

Events and Experiences for women that want to have fun and make new connections!


Our mission is simple- to have a blast, forge meaningful connections and embark on incredible experiences.

At the core of our vibrant community is the magic of newfound friendships awaits. Let’s face it, life’s journey is full of ups and downs and it’s our girlfriends who walk beside us through every trial and tribulation.


We organize inclusive events for Women that want to elevate their connections

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What we do

What We Do

About our Events

About Our Events

Membership Perks

Membership Perks


“A friendship between women might start with “I love your dress,” but it definitely evolves to, ‘Well, you’re kinda stuck with me now. Let’s get desserts.” 

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Are you a pioneering businesswoman, carving paths and toppling stereotypes daily? Perhaps you’re freshly out of a relationship, emerging stronger and seeking comfort in fresh camaraderie? Or, maybe you’re a stay-at-home supermom, deftly juggling cookies, carpools, and soccer? If you’re yearning for connections that goes beyond the mundane, where laughter rings louder, and conversation flows deeper, Wingwoman Tribe is your haven where a captivating spectrum of events awaits!

Whether you walk in stilettos, sneakers, or uggs – come join the Tribe. There’s never been a better time to be a WingWoman!

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